Website Developing

The starting point, the thing you cannot do without, is the Design Specification, a document where It will be described how your website will look like and how it will work. In Technical Task the structure of menus, layout of the information, features, visual design and administration system are specified. This document is vital for mutual understanding between all sides participating in the developing process.

Another important thing for the website is domain and hosting.

Domain name is an address of the website, for example,, the address which users will type in the address bar of a browser to enter your website. In order to get one you need to send a request to a one of the domain name registration companies, for instance «RU-центр». A domain name can be registered for a year and you have to pay for it annually.

 Always register your domain name to your company.

As a part of my work I can help you to find and register a domain name.

Hosting is a physical storage allocated for the web-site on a server in order to make it accessible through the Internet. Hosting usually requires monthly payments. As a part of my work on your web-site I can recommend the companies that provide hosting sign a contract and upload the web-site to the hosting.

Website design is its visual appearance. While choosing a designer you should look through their portfolio as everything is subjective in this area. HTML coding is a magical transformation of the design mockup into the HTML code. If you don’t know what HTML is you can read about it here.

When the design satisfies you it is connected to the administration system and the website is filled with content.

Administration system allows you to update and add information on your website without any special skills required from you. You just need to be familiar with text editors and have access to the Internet. I will provide you a manual and my own help in dealing with the administration system.

Website content is usually texts, photos or other information that you can place on your website.

After the website development project is completed the main work begins. Of course, it is not necessary. Sometimes websites don’t change during all their “life”. Sometimes the owners of websites update their contents themselves. If you need a continuous support of the project and its further development, we are available for the long-term partnership. 

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