I am Svetlana Marchenko. I develop websites for five years. If you need a website I can help you. Mostly I do programming but I also provide services on projects maintaining and html design. I am not a website designer. Usually I work with other designers and I can take charge of the whole process of a website developing.

How does it work? If you have an idea of a website you can contact me. It doesnt matter if it is some chaotic thoughts or 150 pages in small print. We can discuss everything, find the optimal solution and write it out. After that there is a turn for a designer. As soon as the website design is done and accepted by you it is connected to the administration system and then the website is filled with content. At the same time we find and register the domain and the hosting. After that the project is considered to be completed and live.
Here you can read about the website development in details

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